I have a confession to make—I’m a hoarder. And the most difficult thing for me to let go of are my clothes. No, I don’t hold on to them because a certain piece of clothing have some value or a memory attached to it. I simply won’t let go because I know I can still wear them (and fit into them, although I’m tinier now), even though some of them seem to be outdated. I hold on to them because I know fashion always repeats itself and I know no matter how passé they are, I won’t look out-of-style…just different. But lately, I’ve been looking at my closet and it’s been making me feel disorganized and smothered. So what does one do? Be a minimalist and say goodbye to them! It’s not easy at all for someone like me to let go of my clothes.

Before I tell you how I did it, let me clarify that I am in no way a shopaholic who just hoards clothes and keep it all for myself. My mom, sisters, and friends own 90% percent of my closet. 😉 In other words, most of my clothes are given or hand-me-downs and some of them I ask (or I get it with permission, lol) from my mom or sisters’ wardrobe. And the rest are bought from flea markets or ukay-ukay.

I was able to pare down my clothes significantly but I’m planning to slash it down to about 35 pieces in the next few weeks. Here’s how I did it:

1. Confront the clothes hoarder in you.

Admit that you own too much clothes and that you probably haven’t worn many of them in the past few years.

2. Choose at least 5-6 pieces of clothing you absolutely love.

What are the clothes that you keep wearing? What are the pieces that make your heart skip a beat? What clothes make you feel beautiful?

3. Select your favorite type and color of clothes.

Is there any fabric you’re most comfortable with? Do you love plain clothes or the printed ones? What’s your favorite color? (This one was so hard for me because I  love colors and I love variety!)

4. Lay down the clothes you haven’t worn in at least 6 months.

Make a decision to discard all these. If you haven’t worn it in a few months, what makes you think that you’re going to wear anytime sooner?

5. Model yourself wearing those pieces you haven’t worn for a few months.

If you still find it hard to part ways with your clothes, force yourself to wear those ignored pieces of clothing and see if you still fit into them or if it looks good on you. If they don’t fit and you no longer see style or having fun with it, it’s nada time.

6. Discard. Donate. Sell.

No, don’t keep them in a box and stack them away. Let it leave your house so that you won’t be tempted to sneak in and pull a clothing or two. Nah-uh! Farewell is farewell. So yes, this is why I’m selling my clothes! Head over to http://bit.ly/2pbFjBQ if you’re interested. 😉

Have fun purging and cleaning your closet. And trust me, next time it will be easier and you’ll feel free!