Mommy, thank you for all the care and support.  You always go above and beyond just to give us the care that we need. You were always there, cheering on the sidelines for every step that we took (and will take), for every success, for every failure. Thank you for making us believe that in this life, we can do anything to reach for the stars. And with you beside us, we know that we can. May your life be centered on God always and may His love cover your every need. We love you.

Mama, I thank God that He blessed me with you. You are like no other. Because of you, our family and our humble home are built around selfless love. Our family radiates because you have given us the care and love of a mother, and you have centered your life on God— the very foundation that strengthens a family. You were always there; your hands and your heart have always carried us. I love your sweet and cheerful disposition that can only come from your loving relationship with our Lord. Thank you for your endless love and support. We love you.

— Wela & Dan