Korea—you have given us another heartbreak.

March of 2014 when you first gave us our bittersweet experience. We got to explore you for only one day before a major mishap smacked us right into what was supposed to be a romantic getaway (for the whole story, click here and here). But what can we do? We fell in love with you. We had to come back. Was it too much to ask?

February 20, 2017—my husband went to the Korean embassy only to be told that we had to submit another document (and mind you, it’s not easy to procure that certain requirement because until now, we’re still processing it. Update: We’ve decided to cancel the application). It was supposed to be a celebration of our second anniversary. We were supposed to share it with you. But perhaps, it wasn’t the right time yet. Downtrodden, we hopped into a cab and went to Vikings (look out for my review on that) and ate our sadness away! But but but…we also hopped into the Ocean Jet and sailed away to Bohol!

This spur-of-the-moment 5-day trip turned into summer bliss as we toured around Panglao (and a bit of Bohol). And yes, what better way to celebrate our anniversary than with the beach (my hubby’s happy pill) and the trees and sand (my own happy pill).

I’ve been to Bohol several times and each trip is always different, even if I have seen the same destinations. However, this time my husband and I chose to prioritize places we haven’t been to yet. If you’re planning to go to Bohol as a first-timer or if you want to go back, be sure to check out the places we’ve been to. I have to say though that Bohol, especially Panglao, has become such a tourist haven that their rates are soaring ridiculously high as well. It has become more expensive than Boracay. It’s like Korea vs Hong Kong, where you’d think that Korea is costlier than HK but actually isn’t. Nevertheless, Panglao continues to charm us and brings a certain fascination each time we visit. It’s that familiar, cozy, small island vibe that endears it to me (and the fact that it’s so close to Cebu). 🙂 <3

So here’s what we did for our 5-day anniversary celebration:

Day 1 –   Stayed at Dumaluan Beach Resort
Dinner at Tarsier Exotika Restaurant, Grill and Gourmet Shop
Went to Alona Beach and looked for vacant resort rooms
(because Dumaluan Beach Resort only had 1 room vacancy for 1 night)


Dinner at Tarsier Exotika Restaurant, Grill and Gourmet Shop

Day 2 – Swimming at Dumaluan’s beach and pool
Checked in at Twin Tides

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Day 3 – Day use and dinner buffet at Henann Resort
Massage night

GOPR6238-min IMG_9717-min

Couldn’t get enough of their pool!


Dinner buffet at Henann Resort. One of the best buffets we’ve ever had!

Day 4 – Island hopping

                 Dolphin watching and snorkeling at Balicasag Island
                 Virgin Island


Day 5 – Half-day city tour

                   Nova Shells Museum
                   Hinagdanan Cave
                   Tarsier Sanctuary
                   Albuquerque Zoo
                   Loboc Floating Restaurant
                   Baclayon Church
                   Blood Compact Shrine
                   Bohol Bee Farm

G0336392-min IMG_0093-min IMG_0065-min IMG_0050-min IMG_0005-min GOPR6496-min

Anniversary dinner at Tarsier Paprika


A special night calls for fine dining!


Day 6 – Strolling along Alona Beach

Alona Beach is your “little Boracay”

Alona Beach is your “little Boracay”

We were blessed to have met our tricycle driver at the pier, who acted as our tour guide and driver all throughout the trip. More details on some of these places and activities on my next blog posts!

But Korea, we will not give up on you and we will always look forward to the day when we can come back and fully enjoy you. 😉