Wela: It was 2012 when I first heard of Dan from an officemate who was also a church mate (that’s you JM! 😉 ). He told me that there was someone else in our company who also attended our church (Dan and I both attend Victory Christian Fellowship – Cebu). He told me that he was a drummer in the Worship Ministry.  However, I didn’t get to see him in church because I was busy with church planting at the-then Victory Mandaue and I rarely attended the service at Victory Escario (the two have been merged and is once again Victory Cebu).

I first saw him at the office when there was a company meeting. It was easy to spot him because he was the only new face among the I.T people. The next time I saw him was at Victory Mandaue. Our resident drummer was taking a rest and he took over (but he was still playing at Victory Escario at the same time!). And that’s when I got to notice him. Annnndddd…developed a crush on him! But no one actually knew except for two friends outside church. I didn’t want to be teased by my churchmates. *wink! I knew him, he knew me but we never got to talk or even had a hi-hello conversation. I was the type who wouldn’t talk to someone unless he was formally introduced to me. He was finally introduced to me at one of our Prayer and Fasting meeting at Victory Mandaue. And then the Victory Parkers was formed. This was a group we sort of spontaneously made— people from Victory church working at I.T Park. We had lunches together every working day. Eventually my crush on him died down and he became a good friend. Because our company doesn’t honor Philippine holidays, sometimes Dan and I had lunch together by ourselves. But that’s not where he actually noticed me. *wink! I’ll let him tell you the rest of the story.

Dan: I first saw Wela in December 2011 at our church which was located in Escario at that time. It was at a singles Christmas party. She was just the type of woman that you’d notice because of her noticeable features. Around January 2012, I transferred to the company where she was working.

So let me see…Wela ended with the Victory Parkers’ lunches. Hmm, the church was also forming a new ministry then— the Communications Ministry— where videos and multimedia were involved. I was into the making and editing of the videos. And we needed someone who would write spiels etc. I tapped into Wela and asked her if she would like to join.

Wela: Yeah, I remember him asking me to commit. 😀 Go on.

Dan: So yeah, to make it short…I saw in her the qualities of a woman that I like a lot. It was in the Communications Ministry that I saw more of who she really was. I saw how talented she was and admired her big heart to serve! She was not only in the Communications Ministry, she was also in Kids’ Church.  And it seemed that we went around the same circles— Lifehub Events team (where we were actually paired as the Creative team; she was in-charge of the physical set-up and I with the graphics etc). I finally decided to step in faith with how I felt for her. My feelings had grown stronger so after talking with the pastoral staff (and with prayers as well), I invited her for dinner at a restaurant on May 2013. It was where I laid down my intention and plans to court her. She thought I was asking for permission to court her and she said that she needed to two months to think whether she’d allow me to court her or not. However I, on the other hand, did not think I needed permission because a man would just actually do it. Haha. But to make the story short, I got my sweet yes from her after four months. And was I absolutely happy! 🙂

Wela: And to make it even shorter, we got engaged after seven months! The engagement is an entirely another story. 🙂 A really short version on the Engagement tab. And look it up on our blog for the long version. *wink!