So your wedding day is just a few months/weeks/days away (you’ll know the big day is coming up with these telltale signs) and the craziness and whirlwind of the preparation has gotten you—the bride particularly—frazzled and flustered. Even if you have got things under control or you have professionals taking care of everything, nerves will still run high. Don’t you worry though, these pre-wedding jitters are completely normal! With that, we give you these tips to help you remain calm through the madness of the days leading to your wedding day and even on the day itself.

  1. Evaluate

Take note of what you can handle and what you can’t, and whom you can ask for help. Make sure that it is a realistic assessment as some brides will feel that they can take on a lot of things, but when the time comes they often realize that they have too much on their hands.

  1. Delegate

We are not superwoman so do not be afraid to ask for help and support. See how powerful a community of family, friends, and church mates can be during your wedding day here: Blog of Appreciation. Months before our wedding, I had already listed down the specific people who would be taking control of certain elements of the wedding.

  1. Have an assistant

On the day itself, a lot of things will be going on at the same time (exactly why it’s called madness!) and there are people and aspects of the wedding vying for your attention, and as a bride you shouldn’t deal with any of those. Focus on yourself. Choose an assistant (this is aside from the wedding coordinator) and let her take care of all the problems or questions. In my case, I had two people who did it for me—my friend Christle and my sister, who was also the maid of honor.

  1. Write down your feelings

As a writer, I always find it helpful to jot down my emotions especially the ones that are ready to explode. Let it explode…on paper. You can write just about anything. Always remember that journaling is cathartic.

  1. Pamper yourself

This is something that all women can relate to, right? Take those stress levels down and indulge in a mani-pedi, massage, or facial. If you don’t have the budget, you can do a DIY foot soak or facial. This is a way to take care of yourself. Believe me, all these can do wonders for you.

  1. Take care of your health

In the midst of all the insanity, do not forget yourself. This was one thing I neglected to do…the stress got to us that we both lost a lot of weight. My sister would remind me to eat and I would remind my fiancé to eat since he was extremely busy with work and projects (to shoulder the wedding expenses). So don’t forget to eat and sleep right. Exercise. A healthy body means a healthy mind, which translates to feeling emotionally well. 🙂

  1. Be connected with your fiancé

With everything (and everyone) clamoring for attention, there is a tendency to look after the wedding details and forgetting your fiancé (or vice versa). Schedule your dates and spend quality time together. After all, the “busyness” is all about this one person you love the most, so do not lose touch with him.

  1. Focus on what’s important

Like what I said previously, the wedding is about you and your loved one. If you feel like it’s too much or there are things that are not going the way you expected it to, zero in on why this is all happening in the first place—marrying the love of your life. A wedding will happen just for a day but your marriage to the love of your life is forever. So ease your mind and know what matters most.

  1. Pray and have a prayer group

Bring all your concerns and stress to God—the One who controls everything, the One who designed marriage, and the One who should be glorified in the celebration of your union. Cast all your worries (1 Peter 5:7 and Psalm 55:22). Know that He will take care of you.

You can form a prayer group. Ask your family, friends, and church leaders to pray for you and your fiancé. We created a prayer group five months before the wedding. Every week or month, we gave them a list of things we needed them to pray for. I can’t emphasize enough how this has helped us and made us feel at peace!

  1. Let go

Lastly, know that nothing is this world is perfect so there are some things that is bound to go wrong (like what happened to us here: Wedding Suppliers, see number 7!) or some things will go in a way you don’t want to, and the only way to deal with these uncontrollable circumstances is to let go. Acknowledge your nerves/emotions but push it away as soon as you can and sweat it out. Move on. Whip out that smile and celebrate! 🙂

To help you out and hopefully lessen your stress, here are our tips on a money and time-saving wedding here and here as well as reviews of our suppliers here. 🙂  Have a great wedding adventure!