+ Originally from Iligan
+ Web developer with a love for videos and graphics
+ Loves to play drums
+ Has loads of business ideas
+ Doesn’t care less for sweets (and I mean food!)
+ Digs music, films, and yogurt
+ Revels in everything the beach has to offer
+ And did I tell you he is just the tech-guy behind this blog, Wela’s blog, and other people’s websites? Yeah, he just loves making websites and apps!

—————– ❤︎ —————–


+ Born and bred in Cebu
+ Hopped from one job to another until she found her passion in writing
+ Has also dabbled in different businesses— summer school for kids, accessories, clothes, and travel tours are a few
+ Loves to hoard seemingly useless stuff to recycle, upcycle or DIY it into something!
+ Adores fashion but now seems to just wear whatever she feels like wearing
+ Has a sweet tooth
+ Delights in kids!
+ Relishes the serenity and beauty of the beach but doesn’t want to do anything with the water 😉
* Know more of her at www.welawakesup.com

We started this blog to document our silly and not-so-silly adventures, the what and what-nots of relationships, and to inject our thoughts on everyday life as a couple.