It has been almost 3 months since the day God bound us together in love and marriage. Our wedding still makes us giddy, joyful, and more in love than ever. And we still can’t stop thanking all those who made it possible and those who celebrated with us. Yes, we still can’t get over the fact at how awesome all of you are and how things would have been totally different had it not been for each one of you. And we cannot let another day go by without us telling you how grateful we are. Our hearts told us to put it into writing for the world to see how God has blessed us with such a great community of family (both biological and spiritual) and friends. So with this, we’d like to honor and thank all those people who have shared their time, talents, resources, friendship, prayers, and love with us. The months leading to our wedding have been very tough and challenging. It was during those times that God has shown us the non-recyclable, indispensable kind of friends, families, and mentors. It was there that God showed His light, His power, His grace, and great love.


We can’t name each one of you but we are deeply grateful for all of the advises, the time spent with us, the help, the smiles, the understanding, the prayers, and the well wishes. Each one of you have shown aspects of your life that we want to emulate and we know that with each of you as our second parents, we are in good hands. Each pairs were chosen because you embody the Christ-like marriage that we pray to have. And one way or another, you have sparked something in our lives. And oh, thank you for all the wonderful gifts too! ☺



Che2x and Jordan: Thank you for your generous hearts! You both know how our wedding would not be complete without that one beautiful thing. Thanks for all the treats and the time spent together!

Jiji and Lily: Two friends that we know will always be there. Who knew that these wacky couple had such amazing hearts? Two individuals who have always made us laugh— in all ways! Thank you for the gifts, the time and effort to help us with the DIYs, and the friendship!

JM and Maui: Thank you for all the wedding, marriage, and business advises! They are invaluable pieces of words we will cherish.  You are one couple we really admire.



Dan’s VG and housemates: Ardie, Jaypee, Paul, Ariel, Oliver, Gabo and more

We are indebted with all that you have given us! The presents, the time (yes, one of our top love language is time!), and support meant a lot to us. Thank you for making those lights (and for setting it up)— exactly the way we wanted it! We’re blessed to have friends who are creative and who happen to be engineers! :p And Gabo, for the father-daughter and mother-son dance video. ☺

Wela’s VG: Grace, Aimee, Twila, Suzanne and more

Thank you for the prayers and for the listening ears! Thank you for spending time at the house and helping out with the DIYS. Grateful for the uber delicious cake. Grace, thanks for introducing us to the awesome chef and all the assistance. I can’t thank you enough. ☺

Childhood Friends: Jo Belle, Leizl, and Kristine

What could be better than having people who have shared your history with you…who have seen you during your innocent days? I’m (Wela speaking!) extremely grateful that God has given me friends whom I can let down my walls and rant about the tiniest of things.

Jobe, thank you for always listening or reading my rants. Thanks for being there and for all the help during those moments when we literally had nothing, for polishing and proofreading Dan’s vows (because this is the only time I cannot proofread for him! Lol!), for going out your way to see how you can help us.

Leizl, thanks for listening to my woes too! 😀 And for all the favors especially with the hotel. A huge burden taken off our shoulders indeed and it was all because of you!

Kristine, our lovely host/emcee! Thank you for being there, for letting us borrow some things, helping me paint, and working with us for the reception program. You are an incredible host and given the circumstances, you managed to do it well!

dans_VGliez & wela

childhood friends

Our Spiritual Friends/Family

Fritzie: For taking on the role of coordinating our wedding and the prayers. And it was not an easy role. Coordinating a tight-budget, time-constraint wedding is not a walk in the park but you were the consummate professional. You’re marvelous! We don’t know what we would do without you! And for those totally useful bottles! 😉

Christle: What a superb friend! We truly appreciate the prayers, love, time and all the huge help. Thanks for bringing over the CNU Bears to help out with the DIY giveaways, assisting Fritzie during the wedding, and helping us in any way you can while still being the beautiful and radiant woman that you are!

Mei Hua: Thank you for always praying for us and for organizing the Couple Shower/Shag. I know you’re always there in prayers. ☺

Jeny: Thank you for initially briefing us on the wedding preparations, for introducing us to the amazing Stephen Kong/Orange Films, and for the help with the Couple Shower/Shag!

Daryl & Jonee: Thank you for accepting the “Groomsmen” role! Lol. 😀 Appreciate all the support and you’re both two individuals we can always count on.

Kuya Lito & Kuya Julius: Super grateful for the help and conceptualization for that rainy-sunny day at Corona del Mar! 😀

Obet, Alvin, Andy, & Mitch:  Thank you for the music! Without you guys, the day would have been incomplete.

Bexz & Jeff: Thank you for always supporting us. And for the wedding essentials. ☺

Kuya Chippy & Ate Mina: Thank you for the prayers too and for the love and support! ☺

Val, Kuya Bong, and Danifer: We really appreciate all your help and assistance with the venue. Danifer, thanks for coming with us all the way to Lapulapu! 

Joseph: Thank you for all the assistance, running to and fro, and for all the help with the certificate! You rock!

Pastor Raymz: Pastor Raymz, we cannot articulate enough how grateful we are for the help, support, and prayers! Your attention to details made the ceremony what it was— beautiful and Christ-centered. I guess it’s safe to say that everyone loved the ceremony. It was intimate and glorious, and it wouldn’t have happened without you.

Dan’s Iligan Friends: Hedy, Joy, Debi, Cheryl, Gideon and more

We (Dan speaking) have come a long way and I’ve always pictured all of you to be part of this big day. Thank you for the friendship and the prayers!

Wela’s College Friends: Irene, Irrah, April, Angela, Leizl, & Tricia

I cannot imagine my wedding day without you girls! It’s fascinating to see how we have grown from being college gals to being career women. And through all the changes, you’ve all been there. Irene, thank you for the support (you know na what it is!) and everything else. Irrah, thanks for coming over and for the present! Angela, thank you for the wedding and marriage advises, and for patiently listening to my dilemmas. April and Tricia, thanks for the prayers and love. ☺

friends wela & dan


Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Matthew 18: 19-20

Anthony, Ptr Rodel, Ate Joi, JM, Christle, Yna, Dan Mark, Mama Emma, and Papa

It meant a lot to us that you covered us with your prayers every week/month. God does answer prayers!


Mama and Papa, Mommy and Daddy: Thank you for all the prayers, support, and for all the care! We would not have come to this point without all of you. Whatever we said during the ceremony, they’re all coming from the deepest recesses of our heart.

My step parents: Thank you for all the support! You know what kind of support you gave and we really appreciate it.

Dan Mark: Thank you for flying over to Cebu earlier than planned and for all the help especially during the really stressful 3 days prior to the day itself. You were calm and collected, and we thank you for that!

Dindin & Ate Malou: Thank you for the prayers and for making things light. Blessed to have you both. And it’s great to have gained another two sisters (Wela here)!

Sam: Grateful to have you as our sister! Thank you for preparing breakfast/lunch for me (lol!) months prior to the wedding since I tend to forget to eat especially when the pressure/stress was too much.  And on the big day itself, thanks for doing your “maid of honor” duties well. You’re not used to doing things like that but you surpassed it! 😀

Che2x and Jordan (refer to Secondary Sponsors…haha!)

Ara, KR, and KA: Thanks for being such great sports! For your cuteness and sweetness! ;D

Ate Faye and Ate Malou: Thank you for letting your adorable and beautiful daughters grace the occasion and giving the place such cuteness!

Ate Fritzie: For the perfect candle stands and all the help!

To all our relatives and friends who celebrated with us, thank you so much! “Thank you” are two overused words but there are no other words to say it.

dan familywela daddy relatives
wela mommy & sisterswela relatives

As you can see, it’s not just two or three people who have held our hands and helped us with it. It’s a community of people. You see, a wedding is not just between two couple. Yes, it’s foremost a union between man and woman bind together by God. But once you see the community of friends and family willing to help put together this big celebration, you will realize that it is far-reaching.

Seeing friends painting, staying over at your house to do DIYs, waking up early in the morning to set up the place, and hearing friends volunteer to do this and that is just remarkable. And I am glad to be part of this awe-inspiring community (and church!). 

You see, Dan and I are introverts but we are also unconventional. This means doing what we thought was right for us— not what the typical Filipino wedding industry thinks is ideal. We were on a tight budget and we were on a one-month timeline of preparation. This meant letting go of some suppliers and doing our own thing. This also meant asking and accepting for help. Involve your community— friends, church, and family.  We did and we do not regret a thing.

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