“Your wedding was the most glorious wedding I have attended!”

 I have to say that the ceremony was my favorite. It was solemn, sincere, and very God-centered.”

These were some of the words and comments we got from our wedding guests. And I was glowing with happiness and gratefulness. This is not to brag but to show you how God answered our countless prayers. This is to illustrate how powerful, faithful, and magnificent He is. You see, behind that beautiful wedding were 9 months of cries, worries, chaos, and pain. It was 9 months of wrestling and struggling with God. Yet those 9 months were an opportunity for us to exercise our faith. Sometimes people give up at the first sight of a problem, but shouldn’t we be excited instead? It’s a call for us to depend on God. When we were kids, we were happy that our parents can do things for us and they can provide for us. Sometimes we call them heroes. Aren’t we supposed to feel that way for our Father too?

Jesus’ first miracle was at the wedding of the Cana of Galilee and it’s just astounding that his first miracle for our marriage was at our wedding too. It was the first manifestation of His power to us as a married couple. He turned our water into wine. He provided the wine.

After our engagement in Korea, my near-death experience in that country (story here: http://meetweldan.com/our-one-of-a-kind-engagement/), and experiencing God’s faithfulness and healing power; I thought I was going back home to regain strength and to start anew. But I didn’t know that God would give us trials after trials to regain that strength (literally and figuratively) and that starting anew would mean beginning a season that stands between faith and doubt.

When Dan proposed to me, he had some funds prepared but my emergency situation in Korea depleted some of it. And when we got home, the company we were working for was in a mess. To make the story short, we both lost our jobs. So while I was recovering, we were penniless. We both applied to many different job vacancies online and offline. I usually get called right away and asked to go through the application process and many times, my only problem was to choose the right company for me. But for the first time in my life, I didn’t hear anything from any of those applications. Neither did Dan. He tried to go into business but that too failed. We started to sell our things but we were only able to sell around two things. There were several months that Dan only ate once a day. We were at our thinnest. I was thankful enough that my younger sister was able to provide food for me (both of us were living on our own in one place).

It seemed like everything was going against us. We had no finances. Doctor appointments that I couldn’t go to because I couldn’t afford it. No family to help. Discord from one side of the family (because of it). Judgments and persecutions, even from spiritual friends. Questions began to rise. Doubts started to surge. Faith was running out. Too many times, we wanted to back out. But we know what we heard from God. We clung on to Jeremiah 32:27 “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?”

So even with the swirl of emotions and doubts wrestling our minds, we chose to trust God. We chose to be in faith, even if our flesh saw it otherwise. Faith’s “behind the scenes” is not easy. No one talks how hard it can be and how the process of being in faith is peppered with anger, doubts, insecurities, and pain. No one talks how it can make you crazy or mad, or the ridiculous tears that has become your companion. But we realized that questions will get you nowhere. Anger will do you no good. So choosing to surrender, even when you see nothing, was the only thing we could do. It was all we had—to go and take steps of faith, to trust the One who knows it all. I didn’t care anymore what dress I’d be wearing or what theme our wedding will be. My only prayer was for God to show Himself in our wedding, for people to see Him. And He did.

Even if we did not have any finances, we still prepared by listing down what we needed and researching for suppliers etc. We did what we could. We saw nothing but kept the faith. A month before the wedding, Dan was contacted by someone who wanted him to develop a website and that same client also needed a writer! And then another client came and another. These were not just your ordinary clients but these were clients that God favored on us because even if the projects were still ongoing, they paid the full amount of the service. Everything fell into place. My wedding gown, groom’s shoes and pants, the lights, sound system the wedding venue, cake, and many more were given as gifts. My friends offered their services as gifts too (know these amazing people here: Blog of Appreciation).


“And if it wasn’t for God’s mercy and grace, there’s no way we would be standing in this place. But because He has been faithful every step along the way, here we are together.”

God poured down His amazing provision on us a month before the wedding. God is always on time! You will feel nervous but He never disappoints. Although there were a few mishaps (every wedding has them and I’m glad we only had two), everything went smoothly and everything was provided for. We expected a simple wedding but we were blown away at how beautiful it was (thanks to our suppliers! Check them out here: Wedding Suppliers) and God’s presence was undoubtedly there. We were able to fully pay all our suppliers on the wedding itself and we even had extra funds for our honeymoon and for the rental of our place! Indeed, we had our very own Cana wedding miracle. And there is so much that we have learned from that faith journey that we would like to share with you. Hop on to the next blog post for that! 🙂