Two years after our wedding, we’re still amazed at how God turned what was nothing into something so beautiful. How He orchestrated every little detail and how He allowed us to go through the furnace to be refined. And how those nine excruciating months brought us precious lessons we will never trade with anything else.

1. God is concerned with our “non-critical” issues
     (Miracles don’t have to be supernatural)

Sometimes we think that God can’t be bothered with trivial concerns and that miracles can only be demonstrated in dire, perilous situations such as incurable diseases or in accidents. I’m sure we all agree that a wedding is not a critical, life-and-death concern. But isn’t it amazing the Jesus’ first miracle was at a wedding? If anything, that miracle showed two things: (1) miracles don’t have to be supernatural and sensational. Many of those people at the wedding of Cana weren’t even aware that a miracle had taken place; (2) God cares for every little thing in our lives. He is not bothered or miffed when we come to Him with what may seem paltry matters to us, whether it be lost keys or malfunctioning laptop.

2. The first of God’s miracles in our marriage is a foretaste of His faithfulness in our marriage

Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding of Cana was a foretaste of the all the other powerful miracles He had done (healing of the sick, calming the storm, multiplying the loaves, resurrecting the dead etc.) and more importantly, a foretaste of the Gospel.

We’ve only been married for two years but we have experienced so much of God’s goodness. Yes, we have been through distressing times and problems but God has always come through for us. After experiencing months without work or clients, He has now given us opportunities and clients after clients that sometimes we have to say no to some of them. It has also been two years since I’ve been admitted to a hospital! And I’ve been a regular yearly visitor to the hospital for many years prior to that. I believe that Jesus doesn’t only make beautiful miracles but lavish ones too. We are reminded of the 5000 He fed and how there were many leftovers. We have definitely encountered so much of God’s greatness.

3. God allows trials for us to grow in faith, to be a blessing, and to be able to impact others

Isaiah 55:8-9 tells us that God doesn’t see trials the way we do. Sometimes He uses them to mold us and build us up, to carry our crosses so others may know God, to be restored, to learn about patience—the lessons can be endless and so are the gifts. The gift to grow our faith in God, the gift of patience, the gift of being able to share your message or testimony, the gift of being able to encourage others, the gift of basking in and seeking refuge in His presence, and countless more.

4. When you run out of wine, trust Jesus to provide you the “wine.”

The wine symbolizes many things in our life—finances or resources, wisdom, love, etc. When we run out of wine or we fail in some areas of our lives, we should not fear. Trust in our Groom. Just let Him guide you and do whatever He tells you, just as Mary trusted Him enough to tell the servants at the Cana wedding to do whatever Jesus tells them to do. We didn’t let other people’s judgment and opposition hinder us. We simply held on to what God’s word told us. Jesus’ goodness and grace abounds to us so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, we may abound in every good work (2 Corinthians 9:8). He is a wonderful Savior!

5. Miracles show God’s glory

In Part 1, I mentioned that my only prayer after months of seeing nothing was just for God to show Himself to the people in our wedding. I meant that in a way that His presence would be felt and people would know Him because of that. The beauty of the place, the peaceful and smooth ceremony manifested how God is a God of order.  Whereas most people would say that they mostly have during the reception, most of them found the ceremony to be their favorite part. Some of my non-Christian friends can’t stop gushing how amazing the ceremony was and how they felt Christ’s presence. And that’s when I knew that my prayers have been answered. However, I didn’t know that I myself would see time and time again His unparalleled glory. I saw it through the right suppliers that we came across, how it went well despite only having about a month of real preparation, and the dedicated awe-inspiring community and church that took the extra mile to help us out. I saw how God used them to work together for this celebration. It is both a miracle and a gift.

And the last and far-reaching lesson we have learned during the course of our preparation is about faith. It has been a great great journey of faith for us and that wedding was just the first of many. But I’ll leave that write-up to my husband sometime in the future (because it’s his forte 😉 ).

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