We’ve all dreamt of it. We prayed for it. Getting engaged to the man/woman of your dreams may seem like a wonderful euphoria (and it is!) but it’s not all a bed of roses. Suddenly the days and weeks seem to move forward so swiftly, and you barely have time to even take it all in. Here are 10 telltale signs that your big day is coming up…quickly!

1. Pinterest has become your best friend and your nemesis at the same time.
It gives you lots of wonderful ideas but at the same time, it gets pretty overwhelming! They make making decisions way harder, right?

2. Your frustrated DIY-er/crafter comes out and you still feel frustrated.
Because of all the beautiful and cute DIY things you see on Pinterest, you attempt to do one yourself. Unfortunately, if you’re not naturally crafty or artistic it will still leave you feeling stymied.

3. People keep asking you about your wedding preparations and you don’t have definite answers.

4. Most people start a conversation by asking the above question followed by “Few more days/weeks/months until your wedding day!” or “Hapit na!” in Bisaya. Sometimes it’s the only conversation they have with you. And then come the awkward smiles and the good-bye wave.

5. The bridezilla or groomzilla in you is unleashed! Guess who the –zilla is between us? 😉

6. If finances are a dilemma, you keep finding ways to earn. If you have a full-time job, you look for part-time or sideline jobs. If you’re a freelancer, you keep looking for projects.

7. Arguing is taken a notch higher. (But so far, we haven’t gotten to this point…in fact, we’ve never argued).

8. Every penny is a treasure!

9. Pressure. Busy. Stressed. Nervous. Excited. A myriad of emotions— ‘nuff said.

10. Lots and lots of prayers every single day.

One last thought…relax. Zoom it all in and enjoy these moments. Try to sit and focus on the bigger picture— you, your partner, and God. 🙂