Last February 21, we met a tarsier that treated us to mouthwatering Asian and European dishes. Yes, I’m talking about Tarsier Exotika Restaurant, Grill and Gourmet Shop. We accidentally stumbled into this restaurant because Dan thought it was just some grill barbeque place. But we were surprised that we were ushered into this beautiful, luxurious-looking restaurant.

It wasn’t actually my first time in that place because a few years back, a church mate and I visited them to inquire about their services for our online travel agency business at that time. They were just starting out back then and it was just a showroom and boutique/shop. So I was surprised to see how much it had expanded. Tarsier Botanika is a luxury hotel resort that comprises of different restaurants and an equestrian center.

  • Tarsier Botanika is the tropical botanical garden where the resort is. There you can see the villas as well as Tarsier Equestria and Tarsier Paprika.
  • Tarsier Exotika is the restaurant, grill, and gourmet shop we went to dine in. They also have some deluxe clothing and accessories where you can shop.
  • Tarsier Equestria is the equestrian center at Tarsier Botanika. This is where you can take riding lessons and even courses in classical dressage.
  • Tarsier Paprika is a fine dining restaurant that’s also located in Tarsier Botanika.

We did not exactly plan it but just like everything else on this spontaneous Panglao trip (Summer Bliss), we decided to have our anniversary dinner at Tarsier Paprika. Good thing, they had free shuttle to and from Alona Beach (where we were actually staying).

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Tarsier Paprika has a breathtaking panoramic view of the Bohol Sea and offers luscious international dishes. I can’t remember exactly what we ordered (I’m bad with names of food!) but it was exquisite. We chose to dine in their air-conditioned sea view rooms but we eventually went outside the open air veranda for dessert. We sort of regretted that we didn’t catch the afternoon view because we got there a few minutes after 6. We only got a glimpse of the wonderful view for a mere 5 minutes or so. You can’t see much view at night, although there were a few lights IN the restaurant. However, that didn’t take away our happiness in being to celebrate our anniversary in Tarsier Paprika. I’m still glad we got to meet the tarsier that gave us a good dining experience on our special day. 😉

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