Getting married? Congratulations! And if you’re starting your wedding preparation now and you don’t know where to start, fret not because we’re here to help you. If you haven’t seen Part 1 of our tips and points on having a wedding that does not cost much, click here:

Below are more ways on how you can save time and money for your wedding.


Wedding Gown

IF someone did not offer to pay for my wedding gown as a present, I would have had surely gone to a rental shop or bought my own dress in an ukay-ukay or in an online shop (assuming that I had enough time) and have some alterations done according to my design, style, and preference! I have a bohemian/hippie soul and cheap dresses appeal to me. If bohemian is not your style, then you can go to a rental shop (there are a lot in Colon and along Gorordo Avenue). Most often, they have a great selection of wedding gowns or you can have it made as a “first-user” option. Being “first-user” means you have the advantage of designing it the way you want it. You can also go shopping online like Many online shops have incredibly low prices!

Wedding Party/Entourage Wear

Traditionally in the U.S., wedding party members pay/buy for their own clothing while here in the Philippines, it is customary for us to provide/buy the dress or formalwear. This is the reason why brides or grooms in the U.S. HAVE TO ASK or invite those whom they want to be part of their entourage. I would love for us to adapt this custom from the U.S. This would totally bring your expenses down.


Have you ever considered this? I have. And sometimes I wish we took it seriously. 😀 You see, my husband is from Iligan City and services/items there are way lower than Cebu! I have friends who wedded last year and the bride is from Bacolod while the groom is from Cebu. Originally, they wanted to have the wedding here in Cebu but decided to move it to Bacolod. And what a difference did it make! I was considering their florist/stylist and was amazed to find out that their service cost around Php50,000 whereas if you find something of that caliber here in Cebu, it would be double or triple the price.


Although invitations nowadays show the theme or tone of the wedding as well as the couple’s distinct style and personality, it is best not to get consumed by them or pay for lots of pesos for them. Truth be told, even the most stunning invitations end up being thrown in the garbage (unless they’re super practical like a handkerchief or spoon). And so goes your money down the trash bin. But there are many options that are pain-free financially.


Want to save even more money? Say no to paper altogether and send electronic invitations. This is what we did because (1) final guest list was made around 4 weeks before the wedding; (2) we did not have enough money and time to find the right paper and a printing company; (3) we also did not have enough time to give the invites personally; (4) “online” speaks of us— how so much of our love story was entwined with the online world and our careers revolve online. With e-invites, you only make a one-time fee (which is utterly low-priced) and you can send it to anyone!

Or you can use a site that gives you multiple services. Have your own wedding website. It is easy to set up and you can personalize it! Here’s the wedding website my husband made It has been a big help to us because we can keep the people updated and it helps us organize things. This is where guests can RSVP and where wedding registry can also be done. Everything can be stored in this one place. A REAL TIME and MONEY SAVER indeed. You can also add a map to your place, Instagram hashtag to be used for your wedding, entourage names and even fun facts about yourselves. With our site, it was also a way to let the entourage know what they mean to us. It was a success because our guests loved it! If you want to have one, contact us.


Most people know what goes on a wedding so a printed program is unnecessary. Plus it’s an additional cost and stress. So no, your wedding will go on without that.


I’m not a shoe girl but of course, I wanted something beautiful for the big day. I also knew that it should be something I can wear again after the wedding. And that was my mission when I went to shop for the kicks. I found it in trusty Colon (in a small, non-air conditioned store) with a price tag of Php700! Quite a steal! And no, it isn’t broken yet or anything.


Remember the “something blue, something borrowed…” credo? Well, this certainly applies here. In fact, I think that if you can borrow, do it. But be careful and be accountable. Specifically ask someone to take care of it— something we missed out on. ☹


Candles can be your best friends! Lights can do so much for a venue. And they’re cheap.


Handmade favors are charming and can really cut down the expenses. Our total expense for favors was around Php 3,500. The only cost for that were the chia seeds (and they are not cheap here in the Philippines!), the fabric, and string. The bottles were given to us…such blessing! Bear in mind though that if you’re not the crafty kind, it might eat up more of your time than usual so be open to other options. We did our favors around 3 hours (and I’m forever grateful to you guys…you know who you are!). And oh, when you choose your favors make sure that they DO USE IT.



To have or not to have a wedding cake? That’s the question. Nah, some couples are actually doing away with wedding cakes. Some of them go for cupcakes or other desserts. If you need to have a wedding cake, have a small one. Gone are the days of huge, 3-5 feet cakes of our parents (unless you’re DongYan!). Our cake is not big at all but I loved it so much! It was given as a gift but the cost for it is also quite a steal (because I inquired before they gave it to us at no charge)! It was extremely delicious and heavenly!!!


* WHAT YOU DO NEED TO SPEND TIME ON: Prayers. Lots of it. My husband and I created a prayer group specifically for our wedding. ☺

How about you? Are there any tips you would like to take on? What other ways can you save on weddings? Chime in the comments section!

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